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Perfume Blog: We love fragrances | Lami Fragrance

We Love Fragrances, Do You? | Lami Fragrance Nigeria

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 I love fragrances, I'm crazy about them, the sweet smelling aroma of mixed spices from top notes to base notes ingredients and OMG its dry down... I always look forward to the dry down and longevity when choosing a scent.

Perfumes: Every Woman's Beauty Weapon

Like most women, I never leave home without dazzling myself with a sweet pleasant scent and yes I have tried several perfumes from Britney Spears Fantasy, to Elizabeth Arden's 5th avenue and lest I forget, the most sweet smelling Dior Poison Girl to name a few.

Its amazing (maybe ridiculous to some people) the amount of perfume bottles I have collected throughout the years (Oops! did i forget to add that I am a collector?)

Heaven knows I have had my share of perfume experimenting - scent mixing and all.

However, a girl has to make a decision on these things (so does a man). I certainly have one or two favourites (okay maybe more) and no word of lie, I am quite stingy with sharing that information. call it cliche if you may, I see perfumes as a scent that defines me, my personality and style. Hence, an information to be well guarded.

My love for scents has grown deeper since these few years and has led me to this career path. I love fragrances, do you? From an avid perfume lover to her readers: Everyone needs a scent that complements their style and personality.

Visit the perfume shop to know more about perfumes and their prices. Believe me, there is a signature scent for everyone.


I Love scent appeal. Until the next post...



Lami Fragrance

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  • Beautiful piece. I love anything BVALGARI

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