About Us

 Lami Fragrance registered with RC No 2617728 is a reliable and trusted online perfume shop in Nigeria expanded into a beauty store.

Up and running as an online store since June 22, 2017, we aim to bring an upgrade to the online shopping experience of buyers all around Nigeria and beyond by providing exceptional, unbeatable service to our customers. Since our inception we have been able to keep to our delivery services of 24 - 72 hours: Lagos shipping falling within the 24 - 48 hours range and all Other states within 48-72 hours.

Our international clients aren't left out with delivery not exceeding 7 Business days.

Our Perfume Shop

We carry authentic designer and celebrity perfume brands such as: Cartier perfume, Dior perfume, Vera Wang perfume; Beyonce perfume, Rihanna perfume and Kim Kardashian perfume. Also sold are cosmetics and beauty products all imported from the UK, US, France, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand and locally made products from our very own  - Nigeria.


Our vision

To be the best perfume and beauty shop in Nigeria by providing our customers with unique services and better deals they wouldn't get anywhere.


Our mission

  • To endlessly lift up your spirit and define your personality in a thousand way through luxurious collections of scents designed by geniuses in the frag biz.
  • To provide locally made Nigerian products to people in diaspora
  •  To provide 100% authentic fragrance & beauty products to our beloved customers and be the
  • To be the best in service, whilst providing fast shipping and delivery to customers nationwide and International.


We hope to break the enormous shipping burden customers face when shopping online! For more details, please read our return & exchanges and shipping policy. You don't have to wait forever to get your desired and favourite products in your hands. Shop with us and have a personal experience with us. A great experience is an experience to be shared!