24K Rose Gold Lightening Serum


  • ₦27,000.00

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Makari 24k Rose Gold Lightening Serum  In gel formula contains the best available agents for optimal cosmetic effect: - A melanin inhibiting compound for uniform whitening of the skin - a proteinase inhibitor to fight elastin and collagen degradation and therefore prevent premature skin ageing - plant extracts, including the valuable Filatov agent, to stimulate the growth of new epidermal cells. Feel free to used for all-around face and neck rejuvenation.

  • Anti-ageing: Rejuvenates the skin, open up the pores and prevent skin sogginess
  • Health benefits: Protect skin from toxic buildups due to sun exposure, promotes skin elasticity, prevent skin breakage
  • Treatment: Fights skin dryness with natural omega oil, and promotes deep healing
  • Protects the skin from bacteria which leads to an overall healthy skin
  • Unlike other skin ingredients, gold particles penetrates the skin deeply working with skin cells in the inside and gives you a flawless skin

NB: This product is hydroquinone free